You Don't Know My Name [Reggae Mix]

Alicia Keys

Baby baby baby
From the day I saw you
I really really want to catch your eye
Theres somthing special bout you
I must really like you
'Cus not alot of guys are worth my time
oooohh baby baby babyyy
I'ts gettin' kinda crazy
'Cause you are takin' over my mind

And it feels like
You don't know my name
I swear
It feels like
you don't know my name
(round and round round we go, will you ever know)

Baby baby baby
I see us on our first date
Your doin' everything that makes me smile
And when we had our first kiss
It happend on thursday
And ohhhhhhh it set my soul on fire
ohhhhhh baby baby baby..
I can't wait for the first time
My imaginations runnin' willd..

It feels like
you don't know my name
And i swear it baby
It feels like
you don't know my name
(round and round round we go will you ever know)

I'm sayin', he don't even know
What he's doin' to me
I been feelin' all crazy inside
Im feelin' like
Im doin' nothing i've ever done
For anyones attention
Take notice of whats infront of you
'Cus did i mention, your about to miss a good thing
And you'll never know how good it feels to have
All of my affection
And you'll never get a chance to experience
My lovin'
'Cus my lovin' feels like
You don't know my name
(round and round round we go will you ever know)
And i swear it feels like
you dont know my name
(round and round round we go will you ever know)
Will you ever know it..
No no no no nooo..
No no..
Will you ever know it..

Imma just have to goahead and call this boy
Can i speak ta, ta michel
Oh hey, How you doin?
I feel kinda silly doin' this but..
This is the waitress from the coffee house
On 39th and Linex
You know the one with the braids
Well i see you on wednsdays
all the time
You come in every wendsday on you lunch break
I think
You always order the special
Wit' the hot chocolate
My manager be trippn' and stuff
Telln' us we gotta use water
But i always use some milk and creame for you
'Cus (laugh) I think your kinda sweet (laugh)
You always got on a fly blue suit
And your cuff links are shinnin'
all bright
So what you do?
Oh werd?
Yeah thats intresting
Look man, I mean
I don't wanna waist ya time but..
I know girls don't usually do this
But i was wounderin' if maybe we could get together
Outside the resturant one day
U know 'cause i do look alot
different outside my work clothes and (laugh)
I mean we could just go across the street
To the park right hea..
Wait hol' up my cell phone breakin up, hol' up
can you hear me now?
So what day did you say?
Ohh that is perfect (laughh)

And it feels like
You don't know my name
(round and round round we go will you ever know)
Baby, baby i swear..
It's like ooooooooohhhhhh ooohh
But you don't know my name
na na noooo
And it feels like
But you don't know my name
And i swear on my mother and father it feels like
ooohhhhhhh ohhhh ohhhhh oooohhh ohhhh oooohh oooooh ooohhhhhhhhhh
Will you ever know..??

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