You Used To Be So F***ing Cool


What the F*** has happened to you,

You used to be so F***ing cool,

Now your hanging with geeks,

And paying attention in class,

Can I ask you F***ing why?

Can't see what will happen in the future,

Can't see what I'm gonna be,

But I know I don't wanna be like you,

You say smart is the new cool,

I think your a F***ing fool,

Don't wanna hang with you,

I'd rather be out drinking booze,

You make me wanna snooze,

With your boring talk,

About how your smart,

And how I'm not,

One plus one equals two,

That will do, F***ing thank you,

And now your crying,

Over some stupid guy,

I'd love to stand and watch you cry,

Oh yeah I wanna hear how,

How that stupid F***er dumped you smiling,

But I've got much better things to do,

Like smoking blow, so F*** You!