I Can't Remember

A Final Misconception

Rush, bring her the gift. FALLEN DOWN. Rush, give her the gift. BLACKED OUT.

On the way home, she fell and never realized. That she was mine, I cant remember.


Say you are, without your broken heart

You wont see, what life is really/meant to be

WOAH (throughout most) READY?

I thought I lost you. You were only hiding, from me

-acoustic with bass-

( many tracks )

Voice ONE – Say that you wanted to be yourself what would you be. FORGET WHAT YOU ARE and live in the future. YOU WILL BE FREE!!! I am sorry I wasted what was yours you are gone if we could have been just closer for what we are only good friends LET IT BE!

Voice TWO (high) – Without you I wouldn't survive. You give me knowledge and influence. WHY!!!!!!! Do you care. Its not like we bother for you. I GAVE YOU ALL!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THERE for me and for you.

Voice THREE (screams) – Bring her back. SORRY ME! I NEVER MEANT TO BLAME YOU.

Voice FOUR (speech whispers) – I didn't mean to hurt. I didn't mean to make you cry but tonight I'm going nowhere. Listen to all no matter what age. The bad will be mistaken for good but let her live. BLAME HIM FOR ALL NOW YOUR DEAD!!!