The Storm (crystal, Chapter Two)

A Canorous Quintet

The storm is closing in

A shadow of a man drifting by

His life is all forgotten

He doesn't know the purpose of his dreams

Relive this world from sorrow and pain

A struggle in misery it shall be

In his search for the lost horizon

Pain and suffering is his lost friend

As he opens his eyes and looks at the

Rainfilled skies, grey as forever

[*] Lightning strikes as he finds that

A rainbow is bringing light to his eyes

Now he's the rider of the lost

In search of paradise and joy

But the man without a shadow

Stands in his path

The storm is closing in, again and again

Lifting a sword in desperation

Cuts through lifeless air, he is gone

The tale of gods are to be told

And a raging battle unfold

Leaving his world destroyed in desperation

The path will be neverending

As he ride through the forest of cold

Ice breaks free he is on his way