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There are various artists using the name Zorn.

1. A German black metal band, active from 2000 until 2010. Later changed their name to Z.

2. German electronic/IDM/ambient producer whom runs the Engelszorn label, also known as Michael Zorn.

3. German hardcore punk band that released two vinyl records in the 1990s.

4. Indie/electronic band that released one track on an LP in 1989 in what was then East Germany.

5. Laurent Istel who produced one hard trance song under the alias Zorn.

6. A Japanese rapper, who formally used the alias of Zone the Darkness.

7. Marco Haas who released a couple hardcore vinyls in the 1990s. The seventh was a French artist who released one industrial/electro song in 1991 titled Prières.

8. Zorn is also the name of a musician in the German black metal band Nagelfar, releasing no records of his own but credited as "Zorn" on various others.

9. German right winged rock band. They released one album called "Triumph des Willens".

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