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Zia is a name of at least five acts:

1) Zia Atabi, of 1960's Iranian rock.
2) An American electronic act.
3) An alternative rock en español band.
4) A romanisation of 지아, a pseudonym of Korean singer 박지혜.
5) A South African afro pop band.

1) A mononym Zia Atabi, of 1960's Iranian rock. His releases, under this name, include: "Helelyos" and "Kofriam".

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2) An exclusively electronic band who began performing on the East Coast, USA. Founded in 1992 by Elaine Walker, they bang-out pro-space and sci-fi music on futuristic instruments. All of the synths are triggered live on futuristic home-made MIDI triggers including circuit board drum pads, the "star castle", the "plutotar", "planetar", and Elaine's Vertical Keyboards, (a patent pending instrument). Microtonal musical scales run rampant throughout the ZIA repertoire. In the pop genre this is a monumental task which adds an eerie, futuristic edge to the songs. ZIA was together for 11 years in Boston and NYC, and relocated to Arizona 2003. ZIA has 3 full length albums and two EPs. The newest release, Martians, was officially released at the first XPrize Cup! The video for the title track was filmed on Devon Island in the Canadian High Arctic (75°North), commissioned by the Haughton-Mars Project. ZIA is currently working on a 4th full length album and developing a larger Vegas-stye show, complete with a spacey story line!

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4) A romanised naming of the Korean singer best known as 지아 (aka 지아(Zia) and Zi-A), pseudonym(s) / nickname(s) of 박지혜 (aka English: Park Ji-hye).

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5) A South African 'afro pop' band.

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