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There are several artists or groups with this name:

1. Yano was a folk/punk rock band in the Philippines. The band's music was well known for political and social themes.
The band was originally composed of Dong Abay on vocals and Eric Gancio on guitars. The group was formed in 1993 during their college days in the University of the Philippines. Onie Badiang later joined them as the bassist, Nowie Favila was the usual drummer but declined to join the group due to commitments with Ang Grupong Pendong. Other drummers of the band included Nonong Timbalopez, Harley Alarcon and Jun Nogoy.
The group was disbanded in 1997 after Dong Abay left the band.
Abay and Badiang formed a new band, Pan, later disbanded. Gancio released in 2004 an EP for his solo album Sa Bandang Huli. Badiang played bass for Filipino folk/rock band Asin. As of 2007, Gancio revived Yano as a one-man band, with back-up musicians for live performances.

2. Yano: DJ & producer from Norway.
Main influences: Techno Dub Tech

3. Seo Sangwon (μ„œμƒμ›), stage name Yano (μ•Όλ…Έ), also know as Snoopy Swaggy, born September 27th, 1995, is a South Korean rapper, member of the k-pop group Topp Dogg (formed in 2013, under Stardom Entertainment).

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