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Growing up in a working-class alley in District 5, HCMC, Wowy’s childhood was full of ups and downs. It was no surprise the young rapper is known for his tough attitudes, acute but rough lyrics and above all, his somehow ‘premature’ artistic profile. Wowy’s background also serves as a great source of inspiration that can be reflected from his music.

Back in the early 2000s when Hip-Hop suddenly became a hip subculture among local youngsters, Wowy (…) began his first affair with street arts through break-dancing and graffiti. The rapper comments that when it comes to music, it’s all intuitive and natural to him. He was inspired by no other than stories from his everyday’s life, and there was always a huge urge to write within. After shifting to music, he instantly surfaced as one of the most respected young rappers from the South of Vietnam, admired and loved by many, especially youngsters roughly his age.

He writes to-your-face lyrics, the kind of words one can find on any street conversation but they all hold their truthfulness whether they’re about trying to survive as a local backstreet kid or pursuing a childhood dream. Wowy’s “Hai The Gioi”, “Bay That Xa”, “Khu Tao Song”… are no further than those kind of stories, and they’ve found their ways into the heart of many youths.

After several successful collaborations with fellow rapper Karik (also a young a talented Hip-Hop sensation), Wowy has been one of the most listened to rapper on the market, yet his songs were still commercially unpolished and mostly distributed or “shared” through unofficial channels. His mini show with Karik celebrating the release of “Bay That Xa” – the final product of their long friendship and musical sharing was a big hit with hundreds of audience on venue. The duo’s debut album has helped change the face of the local Hip-Hop scene. The album presented an optimistic view on life where the good and bad collide in stories about brotherhood, loyalty and love. Hip-Hop no longer meant gangster’s music in the local media’s book and became warmly received by a wider range of audience.

In 2012, “Sai Gon Dep Lam”, a well-produced music video and collaboration among Hip-Hop finest acts (Wowy, Nah and Thai Viet G.), went viral on Youtube and Facebook. It was noted as one of the most successful MVs of the year and listed among the local media’s favorites. The MV was shortly followed by Wowy’s solo single “Buddha” which positively pushes many creativity barriers in the current music scene. His casual, down-to-earth lyrics performed to the chanting of Buddhism’s The Great Compassion Mantra (known in Vietnamese as “Chu Dai Bi”) showcased the artist’s humorous and provocative side while at the same time manages to pull off some great rhymes.

Signed exclusively by Lang Van Inc. (a US-based recording/media company) in 2012, Wowy (also regularly featured in his collaboration project Southganz) is all set for a coming solo album and for proving to skeptics that rap music will survive and thrive in the hearts of Vietnamese youngsters despite the taboo labeling and misunderstandings.

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