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There are at least two bands named White Ash:

1. White Ash was an indie rock/garage punk band from Tokyo, Japan. White Ash was formed in 2006, where they were a cover band of the Arctic Monkeys. They released their first mini album "On the other hand, the Russia is…" on 9/15/2010. They consist of Nobita on guitar/vocals, Yama-san on Guitar, Aya on Bass, and Tsuyoshi on Drums. White Ash disbanded in March of 2017 following the release of their compilation record "Love". The band's offical website is http://www.whiteash.jp/.

2. White Ash was straight-forward heavy metal act out of United States of America (Detroit, Michigan). They formed in the early 80's and were able to secure a deal with Paragonn Records to record a single: Live with Rock'n'Roll / The spell, in 1983. This is the only official release ever made available by the band. Dennis Smolinski - Guitar, Rooney Zervas - Guitar, Chris Lawson - Vocals, Mike Edwards - Bass, Al Hack - Drums. For more info, check out the band's page on http://www.metal-archives.com/

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