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There are three artists known as WAT.

1) Japanese pop duo
2) French electro rock band
3) Dutch punk band

1) WaT stands for Eiji Wentz (ウエンツ瑛士) and Koike Teppei (小池徹平). They met each other in 2002 and formed WaT, playing street lives with their guitars. Their debut single "Boku no Kimochi" came out in 2005. Wentz, who is half German-American and half Japanese, is also known as an entertainer and comedian. Koike is also known as an actor and can play the harmonica. "Boku no Kimochi" reached the second place on Oricon chart. They released 8 singles, one album an a best album. They were invited to Kouhaku with only two singles under their discography in 2005. In June 2007, Koike Teppei released his solo album, "pieces".
Their next single "時を越えて ~Fantastic World~" will be released on 2008.04.23.

2) After two noticeable Ep’s in 2008, WAT is coming back with a new one “UU80” on french parisian label, Place Blanche Records and another on Motivo "Try Before Buy". Taking into consideration those last releases it's even harder to classify their music... If we had to risk it we would have to say : a kind of positivelectrorocknewwavediscotecawithahiphoptwist...to be short. More pragmatically, WAT is a big smile on your face, a big punch on your head. In live, the band offers us a set with electro-rock, hip hop twist and incisive melodies. Keyboards, guitar, drum kits, vocals, they inspire a rock power and a stage energy to their electronic univers. Their first album "Wonder", is planned for 2010 on Boxon Records.

3) WAT is also a small time punk band hailing from the Netherlands, who as of 2010 have released their first album, omeD.

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