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WANDS was a 3-member Japanese rock music group founded in 1991 by main vocalist 上杉昇(Sho Uesugi), guitarist 柴崎浩(Hiroshi Shibasaki), and keyboardist 大島康祐(Kousuke Oshima).
Band debuted with Single 「寂しさは秋の色」(Lonely autumn's color) on 4th December the same year.

Kousuke Oshima left this group to join So-Fi, and 木村真也(Shinya Kimura) joined as key in 1992. Then, band released their 1st Album 「WANDS」on 17th June the same year.

They became more known after releasing their 8th Single「世界が終るまでは…」(Sekai ga owaru made wa...) in 1994 , which main song was used as ED2 music theme for popular sports anime ''SLAM DUNK''.

After they released single 「WORST CRIME~About a rock star who was a swindler~」 in February 1996, Uesugi and Shibasaki withdrew from the band, and formed al.ni.co. Shinya Kimura re-formed the group with vocalist 和久二郎(Jiro Waku) and guitarist 杉元一生(Issei Sugimoto). From re-forming of band long time passed until release of their next and last Album 「AWAKE」 on 27th October 1999.
After released 5 Albums and 15 Singles, the group disbanded in 2000.

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