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VDM are the initials of Vincent de Moor, a highly successful trance artist. The name VDM is technically one of his many guises.
The producer from The Hague, The Netherlands, is part of the first generation of dutch tranceproducers that scores outside of the Netherlands. Together with Ferry Corsten (System F) and Tiesto, he is responsible for the main breakthrough of trance music in the late 90's. Vincent is mainly very succesfull in the UK.
Vincent first recorded in 1993 as Fix To Fax. Tracks released under this alias include "Enjoy Yourself", "Do U Feel It", "Pick It Up" and "Take Control". Other early releases include "Het Vliegende Kunstgebit" as Gmoork, "Chinese Juice" and "Exotic Mind" as Outline, and "Voice In The Dark", "Frame Of Pleasure" and "Brazilia Carnavelas" as Sidewalk.

His breakthrough track, using his own name, was "Flowtation". The track was first released in 1996 and reached the British charts the following year. It peaked at #54. Several versions of this track are available, including a 2002 remix with vocals.

In 1998, de Moor collaborated with Ernst Bijlsma to release "Don't Hurt Me" (as Cache) and, using his own name, released the track "Orion City" and a debut album of the same name. He also found time to release tracks including "Darwin's Voyage", "Magnetic" and "Domino Runner" using his VdM moniker.

1999 is widely considered to be the year in which trance's popularity peaked, and de Moor was responsible for one of the most prominent tracks from this time. "Carte Blanche" by Veracocha, a collaboration between de Moor and Ferry Corsten, reached #22 in the British charts and remains popular today. Corsten reportedly chose the name Veracocha after watching a TV program about the Incas.

The track featured on de Moor's second album Moor (2000), along with the singles "Shamu", "Between 2 Fires" and "Eternity (Forever)". 2000 also saw the first release of "Fly Away", which went on to become de Moor's most successful debut single when it reached #30 in 2001. Some issues of this track were released under the pseudonym Emerald.

In 2003, de Moor released the tracks "Crystal Clouds" and "Nexus" as Questia. The following year, he released "Desdemonia" as Raster and "Grooveslide" and "Energy Reflect" as Flashbang.

Vincent de Moor is also known for his remixes, most notably of Tenth Planet's "Ghosts", De Bos's "On The Run", Armin van Buuren's "Communication" and Ayumi Hamasaki's "Fly High".

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