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There are three known artists named UP.

1. UP (In Hangul - μœ ν”Ό)(Reads as U.P.) South Korean Pop group that emerged during mid 1900's. They were famous for their hit song Puyo Puyo (λΏŒμš”λΏŒμš”) which is included in their 2nd album. Currently they are disbanded and doing individual music work.

2. UP's music is based on the best stuff from old funk and rock projects, cleaned up and supercharged with johno's 2007 tastes and sensibilities. The lyrics are all about personal experiences, if a bit tongue in cheek at times. Recently we've been getting more and more into vocal harmonisation.

Johannes 'johno' Norneby, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, has been writing and playing music since the age of 11. Lots of bands and lots of songs later, UP is johno's current definition of state of the art party music.

Jonny Steel, drummer and backup singer, had been drumming since age 5, starting out by sitting with one arm behind his back pretending he was Rick Allen from Def Leppard. Breaking drum sticks like no other, Jonny has the loudest drumkit in the world.

3. New band from London who formed after the break up of North London band Minus IQ. Barnaby Race, Michael Lane, Jake Schogger and Justin Pither form the new lineup. Also read The Band Called Up or thebandcalledup.

Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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