TheOvertunes is an Indonesian Acoustic Band formed in 2010. Consisting of Mikha Angelo in Vocals, Reuben Nathaniel in Guitar, Jeremy Tobing in bass, and Mada Emanuelle in Drums. TheOvertunes is looking to "shine a light" and send Positive messages through their songs.

Though officially started in around 2010, Mada, Reuben, Jeremy, and Mikha have lived together all their lifetime. Four of them were born in one same big family. Mada, Reuben, and Mikha are are siblings, and Jeremy their cousin. TheOvertunes is the product of the four brother's musical vision and work throughout their childhood playing music. Four of the band members are also songwriters, many of TheOvertunes original songs were co-written together. Right now, acoustic and soul is the band's favorite genre to deliver their music and messages.

Lirik lagu Bicara Bicara TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Bukan Sekedar Kata (from "Susah Sinyal") Bukan Sekedar Kata (from "Susah Sinyal") TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Cinta Adalah Cinta Adalah TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Dunia Bersamamu Dunia Bersamamu TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu I Still Love You I Still Love You TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Ku Ingin Kau Tahu Ku Ingin Kau Tahu TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Mungkin Mungkin TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Sayap Pelindungmu Sayap Pelindungmu TheOvertunes
Lirik lagu Time Will Tell Time Will Tell TheOvertunes

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