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SBS - legendary Lithuanian heavy metal band. They were inspired by DIO, ROYAL HUNT, Y. MALMSTEEN, BLACK SABBATH, WHITESNAKE. Here you can read the whole history of this unique band.

We may start counting it since 1979 , when the group was established by vocalist Vilius Kraujalis (ex-ESCAPE) and guitarist Darius Rutkys. Back then SBS or SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL, were playing rock‘n‘roll. After some time drummer Girėnas Medziukas (ESCAPE) and bassist Rolandas Buidovas (ex-BOVY, ROJAUS TŪZAI) joined the band. 1982 they started playing Heavy Metal. SBS rehersead at youth clubs and played in schools. One of the bigest concerts was FiDi (Physics days) at G. Varno youth club in 1984-1985. In 1985 a second guitar player joined the band - Mikaelis Feigelovičius. In 1988 SBS played at „Rock Saeits“ festival in Riga, and in 1989 – „Junewalija“ festival in Poland.

In 1991 Vilius and Mikaelis left SBS: it looked like a breakdown. But the band found replacements for those who have quit: guitarist Tomas Varnagiris (ex-ESCAPE, ROJAUS TŪZAI), keyboardist Naglis Patamsis (ex-ESPACE, KATEDRA), and vocalist Vitalis Kairiūkštis (ex-ROKO LABORATORIJA, PLACKARTAS, VILNIAUS POKERIS, STONEWAY, IMPERIUM, NACIJA). In 1992 the band started playing again. They took part in „Bobų Vasara“ festival in Pasvalys, also they toured other big cities in Lithuania.

Later bass player Rolandas left the band, and Jonas Aleksa (TFU, STONEWAY) joined, keyboardist Naglis Patamsis was replased by Jovaras Čivas, but he didn't play for long, because the original vocalist/keyboardist Vilius Kraujalis was back. In 1996 SBS released their first album – „Mėnulio Šviesa“, including 9 songs which were written by Girėnas, Vilius and Vitalis. The release of this album was financed by "Pūkas" along with the sound operator Giedrius Litvinas. But after this release SBS activity has stopped.

In 1999 at Vilnius „Karolina“ club, the band celebrated 20th birthday. They invited keyboardist Vytas Diškevičius (ex-RUINATION, DREAM CATCHER, IMPERIUM). There were many guests like REBELHEART, Povilas Meškėla and Šaras (POLIARIZUOTI STIKLAI). And again after the celebration band went quiet for a while.

And in 2005 we saw the bands comeback. This time they got together specially for the international festival „Rock Nights 2005“. The band's lineup was different: Martynas Garbačas (WOZU) played bass guitar, and Šarūnas Venckus (ex-SOUL BROTHERS, FATA MORGANA, ex-UGNĖLAKIS, ex-MANDRAGORA and some other rock bands) – played on drums.

In 26 years the band had at least 35 members changed. After the festival the band didn't stop rehearsing and in autumn they were to open the Royal Hunt concert in Vilnius, but the show was canceled. During Helloween Spicy Bits of Scandal played in one of the capitol's club, and a bit later they opened for heavy metal monsters Judas Priest. Now they're thinking about the new album, and a Live CD/DVD whith was recorded and filmed at Judas Priest show.

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