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There is more than one artist named 'Salute';

1) Salute is the name of a Brighton based, Vienna born electronic music producer Felix Nyajo. He released the Lionheart EP via Cool Kid Music in December 2013. It was followed by Silver Tides and Real cool (feat. Vanessa Elisha) on his own imprint, Dime Club, in January 2015. Castle (Magic) and VXV (Way You Do) were released in August through 37 Adventures. Colourblind feat. Abra , was extracted from the Gold Rush EP in October 2015.

2) Salute is a Heavy/Sleaze/Thrash Metal band that formed in Bristol (UK) in 2004. The band initially released an EP, called "Break-Neck Speed Triumph" (2005), without label support. However, they were quickly signed up by British underground record label and distributor Todestrieb Records for their first full-length album entitled "Above the Law" (2007) .

In 2009 the band moved over to the German underground metal/thrash specialist label Witches Brew and released the second album "The Underground" the same year. This record broke new ground for the band, who now play Black/Crust Metal.

Salute includes members of other notable underground bands including Swine, Tanhauser Gate, and Hateful Abandon.

3) Dutch duo Martijn van Berkel (Emviate) and Jacco van der Meer (Teppista) together form Electro-house act Salute. As of February 2011, the pair has recorded a single promo track called "Mojito". They are not yet signed.

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