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There are 3 Outlast's

(1)Classic and essential hardcore band from Linköping, Sweden that has made a huge impact on the hardcore scene in Sweden over the years, together with the likes of Refused, Final Exit, Abhinanda, Section 8 etc.

Members of outlast have also played in bands like Bonds of Trust, Victims, Sayyadina, Nasum, Acursed, The Firemark, Wishing Days Away & Roswell to name a few.

(2) Outlast was a Youth Crew Straight Edge Hardcore band from New Jersey, they started in early 2009 and released a Demo in April 2009. The demo went on to be pressed into a 7" record released on Life To Live Records. The band then released a split 7" with Reveal The Truth on Dead End Records, although the label went under and most copies of the record never saw the light of day. Bottled Up Records released the band's "Take Control" 7" in 2011 and Harvcore Records put out a self-titled 7" in 2012. Former members we're in the bands: Petition, Passion, I Came I Conquered, Bad Blood, Templeton, The Glory Days, etc. Siting other projects and and general life activities taking up more time, Outlast disbanded in 2013.

(3)Outlast is also the name of an Australian experimental duo/political consortium. DJ Sonetti and Haruzo emerged on Canberra scene mid-2005, and began crafting soundscapes so abysmal that most shunned the band. But there they remain, lurking in the darkness....

Their discography is far too large to list conventionally, thus will not appear here. There is a frequent in-joke amongst the members, fanbase and collaborators of this incarnation of Outlast concerning the hardcore outfit of the same name; Outlast even went so far as to "remix" Outlast's seminal "Positive Hardcore, Positive Youth".

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