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There are at least two artists named NOM:

1. Loyalty Digital Corps Young Gunner NOM, A member of Fokis’ bi-coastal conglomerate LOCAL-MU12, Bronx representative. NOM released his debut mixtape, Different Breed, hosted by DJ S.Whit of Hiphopnation & Sirius XM Radio, on June 26, 2012.

2. Formed 1987. Probably the best rock band to continue the tradition of Russian surrealism and absurdism which was made famous by authors like Nikolai Gogol and Daniil Harms. NOM's music is a fascinating combination of traditional Russian melodies, rock, pop, progressive rock and even opera. NOM (neformalnoye obedinenie molodozhi) means unofficial association of youth, a term which was used in the Soviet time.

NOM has been famous for its astonishing live shows and really amusing videos in which it has made fun of all the taboos which had something to do with Soviet Union or also modern Russia. 1996 the band was voted as the sex symbol of Russian rock for its song 7 %, which was a tragic story of a gay man.

NOM split into two parts, Euro-NOM and Zhir-NOM, in 1997 by the leading Kagadeyev brothers. A little earlier Aleksei Rahov had left for Deadushki and Aleksandr Liver for Bern opera.

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