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Nate was raised in South East London, UK , his love for the art form reigns pertinent. Nate is the middle child of five siblings whose love for emcing & Dj-ing have been with him from his teenage years. Growing up within his immediate household he listened to various musical genres until the age of 14 when his love for ‘house & garage’ grew immensely. Listening to pirate radio stations, Nate was influenced by artists such as Pay As You Go, Nasty Crew, Roll Deep, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Durrty Goodz & Heartless Crew.

At the age of 16 Nate saved up his pocket money to invest in a pair of second hand belt drive decks. Perfecting his ability to use the decks & become a DJ, Nate would practice for many hours in his bedroom to advance his craft. He attended Dj-ing workshops in a Woolwich youth club known as Simba twice a week & experimented with hip-hop records working on timing, chopping & scratching.

Eventually Nate would then move forward to not only DJ-ing but also writing grime bars with double timing & experimenting with his flows over instrumentals. In time his immediate interest in grime music came to a stand still & his love for lyricism stood out through hip-hop.

Two years after, a hip-hop trio was formed with Nate & his two other emcees that happened to be close friends of his. The name of the group was known as ‘Team Spirit’, which stood for ‘Together, Everyone, Achieves, More” & “Spiritual, People, Initiate, Realms, Inside, Themselves”.

Experimenting with production on tracks, writing & free styling added to their skills as individual artists & as a collective. Over the years building a catalog of tracks & doing performances, Nate’s interest & love for hip-hop grew & showed through the music made.With progression in mind Nate wanted to further his interests as an artist by collaborating, networking, & participating in open mic sessions across London. Nate attended a number of hip-hop events & through networking linked up with The People’s Army, a group of emcees pushing a positive & political message.

As time went on Nate would feature on tracks with artists such as Bluey Robinson, Manic, English Frank, Mic Righteous, Lowkey, Logic, Mike GLC, Mohammmad Yahya, Non-Applicable, Cyclonious, Skriblah Dan Goth, Tenchoo The Assassin, Jai, KingPin, Jah Mirikle, Genesis Elijah, BigCakes, Lexi, Big Frizz, Dark Matter, Jalex, Raggo Zulu Rebel, JayJayBorn2Sing, Amy True, Tony As, Mr Kamara, Jimmy Jitsu, Sin-Seer, Reena, KayoSoul, Guiltz, Leddie & Smoggy, OneWish, Awate, Big Ben, SuperNova, EthNeezy, & Solomon just to name a few.

Progressively making tracks, having clear concepts & a passionate drive, he would eventually release his first mixtape, “Life & Lyrics” followed by "Make it Happen" and "Wake Up".

Mixtapes are available for download at his official website,

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