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In his 25 years Médine whose real name is Méhdi Zaouiche, is originally from Algeria-born rapper already the author of three solo albums. The first was "11 September", in France and here in Germany is not a trace of us went over (Juice, back spin). Very well known is the title song from the album, which is a very dramatic includes video, which MTV France to a family court and had a big discussion in the French Rapszene's. After he goes to an even higher speed and builds directly on a second album. The "Dangerous title:" Jihad le plus grand combat est contre soi-même. "(" Jihad - the biggest fight is against oneself "). Production, the third CD is called:" Table d'écoute ".

The blatant rabies in his lyrics, reflects the tiger again, which he has in his throat. His first objective was not like belonged to ask questions, the responses to wait and finally the last debate. On these three projects he holds a speech arguing with mesh designed journalism, the purpose of which is to the debate on the way to cause provocation. With this new shock title, Médine over the number 1, the provocative MC's, which were what others fail to do so because they are afraid of the "system".

His rough voice and the unique texts, which he skilfully associated help the rapper from Le Havre (a town in the Haute - Normandy, France) to some good features such as With Bakar & Soprano. He also shows us a special Erzählqualität, which he titles like "Petit Cheval," or "You Panshir á Harlem" shows. He tells us about the history, but not those that you told the children to take them to be asleep. His story is a tough and dramatic life story. With content, meaning and diverse themes, Médine today one of the best rap poet in France. Médine is, inter alia, to the taxi 4 soundtrack. He ventured into areas in which many others do not have a foot. From November to December, Médine with his crew and some great support acts on France tour. Some dates are in Germany and the surrounding neighbouring countries. In spring, a new album appear! Since 24 August 2007 Lake Records for Médine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Especially in the area of Booking / Concerts and promotion. From October 2007 runs on the distribution Lake Records. And in May 2008 a special place hip-hop bomb ...

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