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At least five different groups have performed under the name Major:

Major(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Major is a new wave band formed in Sarajevo, BiH in 1986. The original lineup consists of Darko Jelisić, Boris Sofronić, Igor Legat, Miroslav Mijanović and Aleksandar Samardžija. Other participating musicians include: Braco Šolaja/artist], Neven Miseljić, Bojan Popović, Faris Arapović, Đani Pervan, Alan Omerović, Saša Bjelica, Igor Milanović, Rade Grahovac and Almir Lemeš.

Major published their first and only album "Son late zigi daj" in 1989. Their second album, "A pa pa", was never published due to war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Free tracks can be downloaded at Aleksandar Samardžija's offical website,

Major(Turkey) Major is a rock band formed in Turkey in 2006. Group members are influenced by different genres including early art-progressive, hard-classic rock and a few modern rock bands, from Queen, Van der Graaf Generator and Led Zeppelin to Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others. Four members of band are Sahin Gu (Lead vocal-Piano),Alican Camci (Back Vocals-Guitar),Ilke Cetin (Back Vocals-Bass Guitar) and Cem Kibrisli (Drums-Percussions).

Major(United States) Major is a hip-hop artist formed in United States. His most prominent work can be found on DJ Premier mixtapes.

Major(Belgium) Major is a Belgian emo quartet hailing from Kortrijk/Gent. For fans of bands such as TWIABP and Modern Baseball! Major recorded their first demo ‘To The Wall’ in their rehearsal space which they released on cassette.
Playing with the likes of Prawn, The Hotelier, Boston Manor and touring across Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland, the band released a second EP called 'With So Much Open Space' in April 2017.

Another belgian band called Major is from Around Leuven. They bring sweet jazzy hiphop with a message.

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