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This young woman is one of the best and most recognizable new voices to come out of Italy in the last few years. Her debut album, OneUno (1) was produced by Davey Ray Moor, formerly mastermind of british band Cousteau, and P.Lion, the italian singer and songwriter who sold millions of singles with « Happy Children » and « Dream ».
Lubjan singed with newbord label Faier Entertainment in 2005 and delivered a series of unforgettable tunes, notably the single « What Is Past », « I lose my way » , « Instability », and the emotionally charged closer « September ‘94 ». The label discovered Lubjan thanks to the famous italian rock singer Cristina Donà who has also joined her in the duet for « Eve of War » a touching ballad written by producer Davey ray Moor. An amazing rendition of « Just an Illusion » completes an eclectic pop album all sung in english.

After spending the end of 2005 and the best of part of 2006 in tour, with many rave reviews in her pocket, Lubjan is now concentrating on her new material, that will be written in italian, and in english. The future looks bright for this amazing new talent of international pop.

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