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1. A Drum & Bass/Dubstep Producer from Wales, UK.

1. Kreed (Joe Baker) is a drum & bass producer specializing in dark, minimal beats aswell as chilled, mellow liquid drum & bass. Similar to the styles of Hybris, Icicle, S.P.Y, Freeloader, Alix Perez.

2. The band 'Kreed' was formed in 1970 at a Prep school (not a military school) located in Faribault, Minnesota. We played some local gigs-- mostly for the other private schools of St Mary's School for Girls and Shattuck's Military School, both just down Shumway Avenue from ST JAMES SCHOOL which closed its doors after enrollement dropped in the 1980's.
We started out as a 'garage band' and practiced in our dorm basement. After our director, Peter Knebel, came on staff he became our band Director, and he moved our practices to the schools newly built gymnasium, which was a great improvement as the acoustics were much better there and we developed 'our sound' as a band! It was a memorable time to be sure!

The musicians in the Band and on the "Kreed!" album are as follows:

Dave Cannon Lead Vocals;
Dean Sack on Drums;
Nigel Coff on Guitar;
Me, John Didier on Piano/Organ;
Reed Boyd on rhythm guitar and
Doug Parent on Bass guitar.
Michael P.Wilson was our band manager and helped us with set up and logistics.

(Nigel Coff was from England, and came to St James because Our Director was his guardian)

We had a loyal fan group and we were encouraged to raise funds to record an album... We had a loyal fan group and we were encouraged to raise funds to record an album. We finally had enough money that and recorded the album at "Dial Communications" in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I remember the day well, because I started to come down with a migraine headache due to excitement and stress of the long day, but we managed to record all our material, as well as "Inagoda-davida" (we called VIDA on the album) and well,

The rest is 'garage-band' history!
Long live KREED
John Didier

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