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Rytmus‘s beginnings date back to years 1991/92 when he was performing as a dancer in (the now legendary) break group "X-Boyz". At that time he was rapping borrowed texts in English but he soon began to write in Slovak over beats provided by Money G from Piešťany, Slovakia.

In 1994 he met David who later gave him a chance in the "Street sound“ project as Patrik Metamorfolord. He then became David’s righthand man and one of first freestylers. In the same year he won the first freestyle contest in Slovakia.

He eventually decided to go it alone and DJ Vec provided him a space for his own production as one of the few people in Slovakia with an Akai MPC sampler at that time. Later he started with beatbox and started performing with two slovak groups at concerts as both a beatboxer and rapper.

Ego’s progression starts in 1996 when he’s getting through clips and magazines to graffitti and rap. He meets „Aneš“ and found group called „Prízrak“.They record couple tracks which are later forgotten. Ego leaves for Canada but 9 months later he’s deported from here due to his graffittti and vandalism. In that time he‘s growing up in rap, writing many texts and finding his own style. Aneš bought Technics, mixing desk, records and started to train hard.

First solo succes of KF’s members is dated to 2003. Rytmus fights by his strong beatbox 2nd position at „Austrian Beatbox Championship“. Aneš beats down all the competitors at slovakian finale of „DJ Battle DMC Championship“.

Hard work goes on. Ego, Rytmus and Aneš start to work on planned singl „Dava mi“ which is released in summer 2003 under BbaRáK publishing. The video makes the singl even more visible.

There is further movement in production. MURDAR DEMLES invest 3000 EUR into the highest level of samplers Akai, MPC 4000. Recording studio is also changed which is positive for sound and production quality improvement. All the succes and qualities of Kontrafakt make the big publishings offer a cooperation. They realized that even hip hop can speak to many comunities. Guys were not that stupid to catch the very first offer, they actually were in such a position they could impose conditions. They consider carefully every single contract. Eventually they decided for Sony Music Entertainment and started to work on long-awaited album.

Kontrafakt managed to make positive conditions for slovkian rap, we can say that they did all the spadework for another groups. In spite of the primary protest and comercial talk most of hip hop groups eventually realized that this was the only way which had a future and perspective. Hip hop groups stop to care about having contract with big publishing, videoclips and media interviews. As Rytmus says: numbers are talking and Kontrafakt caused a kind of revolution in slovakian rap like no-one ever before.
Their last triumph is winning „Musicbox Awards 2004“ as a most successful group in Slovakia. 2001

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