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Los Kjarkas is a Bolivian band, one of the most popular Andean pop bands in the region's recent history. Their most popular song, "Llorando se Fue", with some of its basic melodies and harmonies being based on Bolivian popular music of public domain, was licenced by French producers, Jean Karakos and Olivier Lorsac which resulted in Kaoma's hit, Lambada. Kjarkas also founded two schools focusing on Andean folk music, the Musical School of Kjarkas (Lima, Peru) and La Fundacion Kjarkas (Ecuador). They have toured across Japan, Europe and Scandinavia, the United States and South America.

The band's leader has always been singer, guitarist and songwriter Gonzalo Hermosa Gonzalez, who formed the band with his brothers Elmer Hermosa Gonzalez and Ulises Hermosa Gonzalez, as well as Gaston Guardia Bilboa and Ramiro de la Zerda. De la Zerda left group to form Grupo Fortaleza and Ulises Hermosa died of cancer in 1992, replaced by Eduardo Yanez Loayza, Rolando Malpartida Porcel and Jose Luis Morales Rodriguez. As of 2002, however, Japanese born Makoto Shishido, Lin Angulo, & Gonzalo Hermosa Gonzalez junior have replaced Yanez, Porcel, & Rodriguez .

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