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Kaisa (born February 25, 1983 in Berlin; real name Jacques Leno) is a German rapper. He is the owner of the label K.M.K. Records (formerly Hellraisa Records).

Leno (then Kaisaschnitt) began his music career in 2001 as a video director for Mach One, MC Basstard, Bass Sultan Hengzt and Royal TS. After his first album released in 2002, he founded the label Splater Connection, under which he published more solo albums. In 2006 he released a collaboration with Hassmonstas - album "Traumfabrik". 10 months later he released "Nixx Für Kinda". In 2007 he published, together with MC Basstard the collabo-album "The Omen", a short time later due to licensing issues the album could no longer be sold under that name.

The next effort - album "Die Geschichte vom Rasenmähermann" was released in 2007. It contained significantly more splatter texts.But the focus there was again on personal lyrics. In 2008 he released street album Dorn im Auge, Keine Wärme EP and solo album Der schwarze Hai. In 2010 album K.M.K. (Kinder mit Kettensägen) was published. Then in an interview Kaisa announced that he would not release another rap album. In the future he wanted to focus on rock music. Kaisa closed his label Kaisa Hellraisa Records in early March and after a few months set up new label KMK Records under the stage name Schnitt.

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