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I-LEVEL consisted of 3 musicians - Sam Jones (singer), Jo Dworniak (bass synths) and Duncan Bridgeman (keys). They were signed to Virgin in the UK and Epic in the US but never really crossed over to huge commercial success despite a promising start with "Give Me", a huge club hit that still gets respect today from old skool DJs. Jones' warm vocal ensured radio play for this song and its follow-up "Minefield". They released further singles from their self-titled debut album, "Teacher" and the drastically remixed Hula-sampling track, "Stone Heart, Stone Woman". The album sold in modest quantities before the band embarked on a further batch of recordings for Virgin. The 2nd album ("Shake") bombed sales-wise but showed a more human and sunnier approach to soulful songwriting with the tracks "A New Day" (mooted for a single at one point), "In The River" (first single), "Our Song" (gaining them a performance on Saturday kids TV in the UK - the nearest they got to crossover appeal) and the under-rated final single "In The Sand". The band split but 2 members continued with other projects. Dworniak played a notable part in helping John Foxx shape his sound on the album "The Golden Section" while Bridgeman helped coordinate the multi-roots supergroup One Giant Leap.

The group recorded the song "Lies In Your Eyes" for use for the Vision Quest soundtrack. Madonna and Patrick Leonard listened tot he track but decided not to record it. The demo is circulating amongst collectors as a Madonna track, however it was never recorded my Madonna.

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