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HASIOK was founded in 1996 in Katowice by three guys: Wulgar (lyrics, vocals), Guru (lyrics) and Marian (music). In the same year they released debut CD called "Brudy" under label of "Eska". "Eska" had absolutely no input in this album, it was pure work of band. It's interesting that CD also almost didn't have promotion, but it became well known in Poland - it's been played on local radio stations as well as on big, commercial stations like "RMF FM" or "Trójka". Other successes are nomination for "Passport" by well-known polish magazine "Polityka", reviews in "Playboy", "Polityka", "Brum" and "Tylko Rock". In 1996 and 1997 they toured with famous polish bands like Kaliber 44 and Big Cyc.

After few years of being musically inactive (because of hard working for big money), in 2003 they release new album titled "Siła Konkretu". Still anti-commercial and still great. They start touring again for old fans and to gain new ones too, of course.

Hasiok doesn't want to describe their music as one genre. Some poeple say it's hip-hop, some call it poetic and some say it's classic rock. You just have to put cd in your cd-player or go to a concert and just check it out.

Actual band members are:
Guru - lyrics
Robur (also known as Wulgar) - lyrics, vocals
Bronks Dramatic - compositor
Marian - vocals, guitar
Szczepa - vocals

concert team is:
Robur (Wulgar) - vocals
Pawulon - guitar
don Baginos - guitar
kOSa - bass
Pyjter - drums
Ahonen - keyboard, samples etc.

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