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Grammatrain is a grunge rock band from Seattle, Washington from the mid 1990s. Their sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Soundgarden, Nirvana, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and Led Zeppelin, yet it was still distinctive in its own right, and certainly unique among bands marketed to Christians. The band recorded a self-titled demo containing mostly live acoustic numbers in 1994. After signing with Christian label Forefront Records, they quickly followed with their first studio album, Lonely House. Their second full length album, Flying, came in 1997. Around the same time, guitarist/vocalist Pete Stewart was contributing guitar tracks to dc Talk's Supernatural album. As touring was taking its toll on the lives of the band members, they broke up following their final live performance on 12/7/1998 in Germany, documented on the album aptly titled, Live 120798. Following the breakup of the band, Stewart released a self-titled solo album, and joined Michael Tait's band Tait, performing on their first album. He also played guitar on the first album for TobyMac. After this, he seemed to disappear for awhile, resurfacing with the new project The Accident Experiment in 2003; at this point, Stewart appeared to be questioning (or had outright rejected) his Christian faith, much like bandmate Marcos Curiel (who had left the band P.O.D., although he has since rejoined P.O.D.). Dalton Roraback has moved on to work in the I.T. industry and raising a family. He spends most of his time with wife, two sons, and posting on a small but popular website where he argues politics under the name Skinnyrumcakes.

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