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At the time Gurmukh is in Class 8th there are 53 students in his class,after there examination the result is as follows Out of 53,One is clear pass,2 are passed with an ER(Essential repeat),rest 50 got failed(including Sadhu)after this Garry quits the studies and fortunately comes in contact with illegal immigrant agent,Garry came to UK at the age of approx 15-17 With the help of some Unworthy Or we can say untrusted Agents,There he started his career As pure labor Oriented Tasks but due to his music love Major part of his income is Invested in Music and Music Equipments but In professional singers range Garry Sandhu Emerge in the music industry since year 2010. At the young age of twelve in Punjab, where under the guidance of Gurdeep Singh was taught Kavishri. Performing Kavishri and singing at his local Gurdwara, soon enough, Garry was given an enduring spiritual platform to start his journey into music. He moved to Birmingham, UK when his passion for singing was reinvigorated. Garry was encouraged by family and friends to pursue a singing career, initially performing at private functions, where his natural ability to sing live effortlessly was clearly evident. Having settled in Birmingham, arguably the heartland of UK Bhangra; Garry was in the perfect position to harness his natural vocal gift.
After his deportation from UK, Garry Sandhu was announced to have quit music. However, the rumors were denied when beat maker GV reported that he is making another track with Sandhu named Brick. A promo of the track was released, and was filmed in Punjab with Garry performing in the music video. Before Deportation Sandhu also uploaded a video of him singing some vocals of a new song he is writing, titled Freshie, which was based on the Indian students and immigrants in UK, Australia and other European foreign countries. The track was single and was Completely released on September 1, 2011. The latest track Brick by GV released on 17 May 2012, and topped all charts worldwide at No.1. It managed to hit No.67 on Mainstream Charts.

In October 2011, Garry Sandhu was nominated at the Brit Asian Music Awards. He also won double awards for Best Newcomer and Best Male Act.
[edit]Deportation from the UK

On 27 October 2011, it was reported that Garry Sandhu had been arrested in 2011 UK Border Agency and taken into custody since sources announced Sandhu to be in the UK in illegal basis. He was kept in custody at the Detention center, and was rumored to be deported back to India. This news was reported fake when Sandhu attended Broken Silence, a talkshow on BritAsia TV. He was interviewed by the host, though answered by his lawyer. In mid-December 2011, it was officially announced that Sandhu had been deported back to his hometown in India.[1] Sandhu has been posting messages on his Facebook page of how much he misses the U.K. On a chat show on the Radio, his close-friend and urban rapper Roach Killa reported that he would try his best to bring Garry back to England.[2]

Release Track Notes
2012 Fresh Releasing September 1
2012 Brick featuring GV
2011 Dil De De featuring Roach Killa
2011 Sahan To Pyariya featuring DJ H
2010 Main Nee Peenda
[edit]Fresh (Album)
Release Track Notes
2012 Talli Single
2011 Din Raat featuring Roach Killa & DJ Dips
2011 Fresh featuring GV
2011 Tohar featuring DJ Dips
/ brick'

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