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G FrSH, 25 from South London originally felt that music did not inspire his ideal aspirations and directions he wished to take in life. However once he began to channel his creative energy through this art form, it was apparent that he was destined to be a musician. His aim in life has always been to be successful, relentless in his efforts; music became his fuel. His opened-minded character allows him to be musically diverse and creatively charged.

Intrinsic in his nature he is always completely hands-on in his career. In addition to his professionalism the lyrical content of his music is undeniably vivid. Where as his lyrical ability proves to be exceptional through his use of literary devices and word play. He constantly strives to make innovative, “FrSH” music. However as much as he tries to push the boundaries through fusing sounds/genres he still enjoys producing familial enjoyable music for everyone.

He is currently unsigned, however managing his own affairs sufficiently and efficiently. The name G FrSH reflects everything he is. His lifestyle, dress sense, music and attitude – “Mr. BigWillyFlySh*t!” His lifestyle influences his music 100% as it epitomises everything he is even in its confusion and eclectic nature.

G FrSH was raised on a council estate and went to a state primary school. However he didn’t let this reality defeat his ambitions in life. Having exceeded expectations academically he was granted a scholarship to a private school. He then went on to graduate with a degree in economics from UCL. His drive and efforts during his school life most definitely helped build his solid career and vast business sense.

His career officially started in 2004 and since then he has released 4 “Mix CDs” (all original material). In total he has more than 50,000 CDs currently in circulation. His initial Marketing strategy was to give away free CDs, allowing everyone to have a preview of his music; from this newly found fan base he then capitalised with his music now being available at retailers such as HMV and ITunes. He has produced all of his music videos independently as well as music videos for other people using his own production company. He has been a playlisted artist on UK mainstream radio, and has won “Mixtape of the week” on BBC radio 1Xtra. He has charted at least top 5 on every video release (respective to the channel) and has performed live throughout the country and internationally. Adding to his accomplishments he has also launched his own vibrantly animated clothing-line.

G FrSH’s main source of inspiration is his sheer strength of mind, however he respects and is inspired by many artists. He respects any artist regardless of their genre that has managed to be successful in the music industry and other ventures they have come to manage.

G FrSH has a clear understanding of the importance of giving back to the community. In relation to this he tries to inflict a positive influence upon the people in his surroundings about the importance of education. He takes pleasure in advising and guiding them about the most appropriate directions to take in life; being regarded as an “older” in the “endz”. He also maintains a close relationship with the uprising charity CYL.

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