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Finde is a variation of the German word "finden", which can literally be translated as "search". An appropriate name for a group that is in constant evolution, searching and experimenting.

Finde is one of the most successful independent rock bands to have originated in Mexico City in these last few years. This quartet worked several years in the underground rock scene, saving enough money to produce demos with songs that would eventually be featured in their first full length: Buscando Ángeles; released in 2006 on Class Music records and produced by Micky Huidobro and Randy Ebright from Mexican band Molotov.

From there on, the band went on by opening shows for Panda on the Amantes Sunt Amentes tour, a memorable presentation in the Vive Latino festival and as part of the Gira de Nominados MTV after being nominated for Best Independent Artist in the MTV Awards 2006. They where also the first band to appear on Alerta Live. Finde later took part in the Rock Al Campus tour, that performed on more than sixty high schools in Mexico.

In 2008, the group returned to the studio to work on their second material: Nada Es Como Ayer. Recorded at Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado and produced, mixed and remastered by Bill Stevenson (Drummer in legendary bands such as The Descendents, Black Flag and The Lemonheads) and Jason Livermore, who had worked for bands like NOFX, Rise Against, The Ataris, The Lemonheads, The Descendents, Puddle of Mud, amongst others.

Finde's new material had a stronger tone and is much faster, transporting the energy of a live show to the studio. The band was named as one of the best live rock bands by the magazine Alternative Press.
Finde hopes to renew raw, energetic melodies into the Mexican rock scene.

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