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FEMM (short for Far East Mention Mannequins) is an electronic pop duo from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2013. Their debut album Femm-Isation was released on October 1, 2014.

FEMM are portrayed as plastic dolls, known as mannequins. Both Riri and Lula are "identically-different", where Riri is recognized as the combat mannequin and Lula is the housekeeper mannequin. According to FEMM, their tagline "Do Dolls Have Feelings? Do Their Songs Move People?" is an example of their adaption as a mannequin and their virtual goal is to free all mannequins from human oppression.

They recognize their fanbase as "Mannequins" and "Agents" respectively. Both Kaiko and Todo portray Riri and Lula respectively, they also portray their "agents" as Honey-B (Riri) and W-Trouble (Lula). The agents are often known as the voice of Riri and Lula, as their portrayal as mannequins have the inability to talk or vocally communicate.

The group cites synthpop, EDM, eurodance, rap and Otaku culture as their major influences. The groups music as been compared to Americanized music including Hip-Hop and club culture.

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