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1) Fake is an anonymous songwriting duo consisting, let's say, the brothers Jack and Jake Fake from, let's say, Baltimore USA. Their first release was their re arranged version of Lou Reed's classic "I'm waiting for the man" originally released in 1967 on the legendary The Velvet Underground and Nico album produced by Andy Warhol. Their latest tune is comes in both original and remix versions and is currently featured on the highly acclaimed video creation website animoto.com. In October 2008 three additional tracks are released on their debut EP (tba).

2) Fake is the electronic musician Daniel James Reetz of the Fakeproject Corporation of America. Described by default as "experimental," his dynamic compositions of heavy beats and textured, disorienting melodies defy clean classification. Reetz uses a number of real-world instruments and frequently collaborates with traditional musicians to source the sounds later given digital massaging, manipulation and skillful annihilation. The result is poignant, unsettling, raucous, driving music that no matter how fake sounds far from synthetic.

You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living is his first full-length album, released for free online in 2008. The package includes a 1950's-style government pamphlet meets self-help guide on how to live your life, written by Meg Holle, with illustrations by Reetz. An accomplished visual digital artist, Reetz also incorporates extensive, thought-provoking video into live Fake performances.

3) Fake is a swedish synthpop consisting of Erik Strömblad, Tony Wilhelmsson, Ulrica Örn, Stefan Bogstedt, Stefan Sverin (with italo disco-influences) group produced in Italy. They had a LP released 1984, which was entitled New Art. During 1985 they released a single called "Brick", which became an instant classic.

4) FAKE is the LA based side project of Clint Carney of System Syn and Imperative Reaction. This project focused on a darker sound than his previous and current recordings.

5) Fake was a polish band from Wroclaw, established 2001.
The band are: Andrzej Strzemzalski (vocal), Rafal Zalech (guitar), Radek Polkowski (guitar), Pawel Rosiak (bass) and Wojtek Bulinski (drums). Previously they named Extinction and they played music inspired by Korn or System Of A Down. Than they decided to play something more like Incubus. Despite their young age (they started playing when they were about 16 years old) Fake has already it's small success. They supported polish well known band T.Love on their concert in Nysa.

6) Fake was a Finnish rock/pop band that released an album called "Internet-rakkautta" in 1998. Band included Pete Murto (singer-guitarist of Automatic Eye).

7) Fake was a short lived jazzy downtempo / electro collaboration between Tim Exile and Johnny from Bedspace

8) Fake Australian hardcore on the H8000 compilation.

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