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E.Via, formerly known as NAPPER (pre-debut, still occasionally uses) and currently known as Tymee is a Korean rapper, lyricist, composer, and pianist. Her real name is Lee Ok Joo (이μ˜₯μ£Ό). She is known for being Korea's fastest female rapper. In January 2013 she left Dline Art Media due to circumstances with finances.

E.Via's first album e.via a.k.a. happy e.vil was released on the 18 May 2009. This included a collaboration with singer Kim Sori (κΉ€μ†Œλ¦¬) and earned her significant media attention and popularity. Controversy erupted when "Oppa! Can I Rap?", the lead single from her debut album, was banned from being performed on Music Bank due to the lyrics of the song containing lascivious content and various slang words. She was later banned from performing any of her songs from her debut album on other music programs due to the lyrics being deemed suggestive and provocative. Despite the ban, her album and "Oppa! Can I Rap?" received overwhelming responses on online music sites.

In early 2013 she changed her name from E.Via to Tymee after she alleged not getting paid fully for her previous albums. In consequence, she had to cease using the stage name E.Via in any of her future promotions.

She officially made a comeback as Tymee with a digital single "On the River" in December 2013.

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