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There are at least two artists using the name "Epo":

1. A Japanese singer-songwriter.
2. An Italian rock band

1. EPO エポ is the name used by the Japanese singer-songwriter Eiko Sato {佐藤栄子} (b. 1960).

Born on the 12th May 1960 in Tokyo, she made her debut in 1980 with the song "Down Town", composed by Tatsurou Yamashihta, and was known as one of the three daughters of RCA (the others being Mariya Takeuchi and Taeko Onuki.

* Official site (in Japanese only)

2. Epo is an Italian rock/pop band.

Formed in Naples in 2000 by Ciro Tuzzi and Mario Conte, they have released three studio albums to date: l mattino ha l'oro in bocca (2002; rereleased in 2005 as Epo), Silenzio assenso (2007), and Ogni cosa è al suo posto (2012). Current members are: Ciro Tuzzi (vocals, guitar), Michele de Finis (guitar, bass), and Jonathan Maurano (drums).

* Official site (in Italian only)

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