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There are at least three artists with the name E.P.

1. E.P. (which stands for Eurodance Project) is an amateur homemade project of the bulgarian teenager Krasen Pavlov. The genre of his tracks varies - from classic eurodance of the 90s to dreamdance, house and techno tracks.

2. E.P. (Earl Tha Pearl)

Artist-Songwriter-Producer-Record Executive

Born in a musically inclined family, "E.P." was simply destined to make his own mark in the music industry. After being a featured artist on Julian's 2003 R & B cd entitled "That Thang". Black Mask Records soon began to focus it's attention on releasing a product on "E.P.". This former college wide receiver and model then began cultivating his talents in & around the Memphis area by performing at various clubs and events. For the past two years, "Earl Tha Pearl" has been creating a tremendous buzz from Tennessee down to Miami Florida by promoting his mixtape/single which included the club banger "Roll That Thang". This track is still being pumped in various clubs throughout the south while receiving rave reviews, thus making "Supastar" one of the most anticipated independent releases to hit the south in quite some time. So get ready to witness a fresh new flava in hip-hop. Sit back and experience..."E.P."!

3. E.P. (Eve's Pregnancy)

An independent Hip Hop group from Orlando, Florida.


4. E.P. (Build Your Own Acronym) is an alias, used by David Pryor (Dallas, TX) when creating and mixing choons for the masses.

After falling in love with trance and electronic music, E.P. started his DJ’ing career. As soon as he purchased turntables and a mixer, E.P. quickly picked up the art of blending records, and found his calling in life.

E.P.’s career has progressed dramatically during the new millennium. He is recognized as an established artist in the electronic music scene. Playing all over at clubs, on the radio, and at electronic music mega-events, E.P. is truly taking the world by storm!


His style of brain-stimulating music and in-your-face track selections get everyone pumped and on the dance floor! The intricacy and length of his mixes are ingenious, and his style proves to be way ahead of it’s time. Behind the decks, he likes to form a bond with his crowd, to take them to another level of reality.

Rather than categorizing his style as a single subgenre of “trance”, E.P. is known for mastering the shamanistic art of trance in its entirety. Therefore, E.P.‘s colleagues and fans alike decided on an original genre title: “multi-faceted progressive” (aka – “E.P. stuff”). Unlike most DJs, E.P. didn’t feel it necessary to limit his style to just a single sub-genre of electronic music. He wants each performance to be a surprise, and so far, that’s exactly what he has done. The listeners continue to eat it up and be taken away every time! E.P. even surprises those compeers of his who supply him with vinyl! He has also been known to go from ambient, to progressive house, to progressive trance, progressive breaks, dub step, drum & bass, to psy-trance, and finish up with goa, all in a single set. That’s why E.P. continues to be referred to as one of the best kept secrets in the underground scene. "The man...the myth...the legend" - Future Perfect


Personal Statement from E.P., “The Power of Storytelling Through Music – What drives me as an artist, the reason I do what I do, is to channel the emotions inside my inner being and awaken those emotions in others that ultimately heal and stimulate the mind, body, and soul from within. My dream is to take people on all walks of life on a journey by telling a story; a story personal to me, to a few, or the world. My goal is combining a powerful groove for the body and an elevating, emotional journey for the mind.”

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