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Edo is a name of at least six artists:

[1] A Quebec, Canada, jazz-fusion trio formed by Philippe Bourque (keyboards) and Jean-David Vien (drums) - both of symphonic rock's Leitmotiv. In November 2011 they decided to form a group based on improvisation and in December they are joined by Rachel Hardy (bass). Since then they've been releasing shorter records, e.g. the 16 minute "Canardière" (2012) and other EPs of improvisational fusion, with elements of funk, pop and afrobeat.

Sites: YouTube, BandCamp, Facebook and edoBand.com (official).

[2] A pseudonym of Gino Caria (for A-Beat C), which spawned his biggest hit, "Too Young To Fall In Love" (1994, A-Beat C). This song has constantly been close to the top at every request countdown (usually held every 10 Super Eurobeat CDs). As such, many consider this to be Caria's most famous alias, next to his own name which he used for both A-Beat C and Time.

Sites: Discogs.

[3] A Philadelphia, PA, USA, band which features a funky sound, not unlike that of jazz mixed-up with Frank Zappa. Their lyrics are most incredible, thought provoking, sometimes absurd and ridiculous. Members include: Eliot Duhan (vocals), Todd Young (Rhodes, Moog Prodigy, organ), Pete Wilder (guitar, theremin), Andy McConnell (guitar), Hoagy Wing (drums), EJ Simpson (bass), Dena Epstein (vocals), Nicole Cournoyer (vocals), Dan Nosheny (required brass attack) and David Fishkin (winds).

Sites: MusicBrainz, Facebook and LiveAtTheSpace.com/edo (official).

[4] A West Norway band that started in the late 60's. They played dance music until 2004, when they recorded their first album after 36 years on the road. Their biggest hit was "Da E' Edo".

[5] A Japanese angura kei unit.

[6] A mononym of Dutch musician Edo van Veen.

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