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Born in Chicago, raised in Dallas, forward thinking lyricist/recording artist Bobby Fisha first forged a name for himself as a battle rapper.  He came up through the ranks as a freestyle battler, and after slaughtering all his competition he eventually moved into the Capella/written battle scene.  He is currently the Raw & Underground 4x rap battle champion as well as the retired heavy weight belt holder from Dat Piff battles hosted by Headkrack from Dish Nation. 
He has also been featured in D Magazine as an artist you need to see live as well as a repeated guest on Radio UTD, the University of Texas at Dallas student run radio station.  Alongside his numerous musical accomplishments, he is an award winning screenwriter (Dallas 48hr Film Festival & Forth Worth Film Festival) and a Dallas Observer nominated blog writer.

In 2012 he released his much anticipated first full length album entitled "Starseed Transmissions" on iTunes in conjunction with a music video for his single "Ahead of my Time" which currently has 19k views and climbing.  Starseed Transmissions was his visionary project that explored the human condition as seen through the eyes of an alien.
Bobby Fisha is currently working on his latest project "Wolfish", with his Composers and Producers Seth Wolf and Billy Syn from VK Beatz. “Wolfish” is a look into the primal nature of man and it's applications in modern society.  Each track is an all-encompassing experience, packaging every released single with a corresponding music video and merchandise.
What makes Bobby Fisha such a commodity is not his raw talent, innovative lyrics or razor sharp wit but more so his large and influential network of people actively working towards his success.  He records at and is being backed by Valley Of The Kings Music (V.O.T.K), the premiere recording studio in Dallas, he is also supported by a dedicated team working to push the Bobby Fisha brand.  This includes full time access to an industry level recording studio, full audio/video production capabilities, a web design team, and a strong social media presence. As an independent artist he recognizes the importance of being self-sufficient in all avenues of marketing and promotions both on and offline. 
2015 already seems to be a promising year for the up and coming rapper who looks to expand his music globally and establish his name in rap's hall of fame.

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