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30Y is a Hungarian alternative band from the city of Pécs. Established in 2000, over the years they became permanent performers at clubs and summer festivals in Hungary.

The band is formed from the band Körök (Circles/Rounds). The band name (30Y) is a song title from Körök. The song is about travelling by bus. 30Y was a busline in a hungarian city, Szombathely.

Their first studio album has not been completed until 2006, but prior to that, they released multiple self-published records over the Internet. The first of these, named "Egy perccel tovább", was a live album released in December 2004. An unofficial acoustic album was made available in 2005 under the title "Szentimentalé".

In February 2006 they signed a contract with CLS Records and they published their first studio album with a title "Csészényi tér" (a play on words in Hungarian). Their first music video "Egy perccel tovább" debuted on Hungarian music channels in November 2005. This was followed by the video "Bogozd ki", filmed at the Sziget Festival 2006. Their second studio album, titled "Semmi Szédítő Magasság", was released in March 2007. Their next music video was made for the song "Dadog". Their next album, titled "No.4" was released in Nov. 2008. Their 5th album ("Városember") was released in 2011.

In November 2012 the Szentimentálé album has been released gy Drum & Monkey. This album has more intimitation and additional musicans. The album was released not only in CD, but in audiophile quality double heavyweight vinyl too.

Beck Zoltán - vocals, guitar
Gradvolt Endre - guitar
Varga Ádám - bass
Sárközy Zoltán - keyboard
Beck László - drums

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